Despicable Me 3 poster

Despicable Me 3

HD 6.7 96 min
Once he was the influential villain inspiring fear in all Europe and consisting in club of the same ambitious and influential criminals. But since then passed a lot of time. Now the main character of the colourful animated film "Despicable Me 3" was completely changed, having shown re-education miracles. To Gr and Lucie got married, gathered and adopted charming girls whom bring up now. The exemplary family man pays attention exclusively native, absolutely forgetting that nature abhors a vacuum. When the former glory to Gr starts ceasing, there is a young change – ambitious Balthasar.

This villain looks extremely ridiculously, after all he has even false shoulders, but plans – though take away. The fan of the eightieth is allocated at once against other criminals: he adores dancing in Jackson's style, always wears bright clothes and does himself silly hairdressers. Despite absurd of the appearance, Balthasar is really dangerous. Special agents try to neutralize it, but all their attempts terminate in crash. Not to miss the villain, the management of investigation decides to ask for the help Gr , after all only he can know how the real bandit thinks. Now the surprising Adventure is necessary to the hero, his spouse and charming minions.

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