My Big Fat Greek Wedding poster

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

HD 6.6 95 min
family and love is above all, and this is the best know the heroine of the romantic Comedy "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is a young American of Greek descent Tula Portokalos. Together with its large Greek family she lives in Chicago. Parents brought up the girl in a conservative vein so Tula dreams to marry, on the instruction of his father only for Greeks to become an exemplary wife, loving mother and guardian of hearth and home. There is only one problem: the girl already thirty, and groom all no. Of course Tula does not shine the beauty and considers himself a goal in horrible scarecrow glasses and with grim, rebellious hair.

But the family is constantly pressing on the girl and waiting for her wedding. One day Tula decides to change, both externally and internally. The girl soon meets with Ian Miller and falls in love with him. A couple decides to get married, but to the dismay of his father and the whole family not Greek, and Ian is a simple American guy. Now mad Ian to be acquainted with all the bride's family, know the Customs and traditions of the Greeks, as well as try to fit into the family for the sake of his beloved of Tula.

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