Johnny English poster

Johnny English

HD 6.1 88 min
A simple Englishman klutz and walking disaster Johnny English works in the Office of the British secret service MI-7 and works in the name of Her Majesty the Queen of Britain. He works every day with papers and dreaming of becoming one of the covert intelligence agents. While the arrogant French billionaire comes up with a grand plan to transform Britain's prison island maximum-security area where different countries will put dangerous criminals and allocate more money for their retention. By a strange coincidence the best secret intelligence agent 01 dies, followed by killing all remaining secret agents.

Finest hour comes and Johnny English, which, as the intelligence agent to instruct a secret job. True Johnny English completely owns secret agent skills but surely inspires others, that he is the best, an intrepid spy master and finally, fearless and courageous man. To help him distinguish super spy car, certainly the British, Aston Martin and an excellent naparnicu Lornu Campbell. However, this couple is ready for the most difficult cases.

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