The Ottoman Lieutenant poster

The Ottoman Lieutenant

HD 8.3 111 min
Independent and strong-willed Lily leaves, with a group of volunteers, working as a nurse in the Ottoman Empire. Here she discovers many new, amazing nature, unusual types of stones and the brutality of the Muslim world. Strange and deadly habits of the Eastern country for typical Americans quite incomprehensible. But it was here that the young woman meets her first love, Lieutenant Ismail.

Proud and sunburned Turkish army officer very quickly conquers the heart of foreigners. They hold together many unforgettable days. A quiet life protagonists violates the first world War. Suddenly Lily her lover becomes one of the main Warlords and takes a direct part in hostilities. Girl, dedicated her life to helping other people, cannot justify his Action. She is confused and disappointed. But, love is stronger for prejudice. The main character forgets about their beliefs and begins helping Ismail.

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