Hellboy II: The Golden Army poster

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

HD 7.0 120 min
Once the worlds of humans and supernatural creatures were in close contact. Elves, angry at people for deforestation, waged War, and the goblins helped them in combat. For the resistance of their humanity was created the Golden Army-army gold-covered mechanical soldiers who obeyed the elves of Royal blood. However, after seeing what can his army, the Elfin King divided the Crown on three fragments, concluded with people peace and gave them one of the pieces of the Crown.

This story about a peace agreement between humans and magical creatures and their Golden Army Hellboy as a child heard from Professor Broome, his adoptive father. Now it's time to see the hero that the Golden Army is not children's tales. An ancient truce was violated, and the Earth is about omoetsja the blood and turn into hell. There's a new leader who is able to travel between worlds and wants to resurrect invincible soldier the Golden Army. Only Hellboy and his friends will be able to save the world.

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