Gran Torino poster

Gran Torino

HD 8.2 116 min
The main hero is Walt Kowalski, a pensioner and a mechanic who lives in seclusion. After the death of his wife he did not seek to establish relations with the outside world, wishing that everyone left him alone. Walt's wife before his death, wished that he confessed, but Walt, the past Korean War and believes first and foremost in himself and his rifle, has no idea what to tell the priest.

He trusts only Daisy-my dog and the neighbors openly despises. Once people lived nearby, with whom Walt spoke, but now his neighborhood populated by immigrants, and autoworker doesn't want to have anything to do with them. In his view, from local teenagers some trouble, and with adults have nothing to discuss. Walt tries to live his secluded life and stay away from those, who detests, but soon realizes that he will have to abandon their plans: one night someone tries to steal Walt's love and pride-his car "Gran Torino."

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